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Hair styles come and go but the are those ones that stands for like a lifetime.Hair colours, length and size does not matter if the style best suits your appearance. The are many variations for all hair types either long or short.

Hair fashions: Classic Layered Haircuts, Fringes or Partings, Hair Accessories, Hats, Scarfs, and Bandanas , and Hairstyles for Every Occasion. There is more to discover

Long and short actually means the distance between the layers. If there is a great distance between the end of one layer and the end of the next then this can be referred to as a long layer. On the other hand, if the distance is short, then the style is known as short layers.
Switching your part to your favorable position is actually good for the hair. You are allowing the hair to fall in the any position every day, and in turn, the roots are upright and breathing.